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Advantage PI, LLC

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Give your yourself an ADVANTAGE with Advantage PI

The best in judgment collections, eviction services, legal document preparation, and courier services you'll find anywhere at any price






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[ Process Servers ]


We specialize in the toughest cases. We effect successful service where the Sheriff or other process servers may have failed by utilizing fundamentals such as attempts before 8 AM, after 8 PM, and early Saturday morning. We also have the time and experience to look into the person to be served and determine their schedule, run tags, interview neighbors, and go the extra mile to assure fast and effective service. We provide GPS stamped status updates with photographs in real time on every attempt, so you know exactly what is going on with your service request.

[ Investigations ]


We offer $99 locates, surveillance, research, background checks, and flat rate asset and bank searches to effect service of process.


[ Evictions ]




Get possession faster. Our Florida Bar member attorneys prepare and file your evictions and they are served next business day*. We take care of everything from the 3 day notice to the Writ of Possession for $150+court costs and process service fees!

*Served next business day after filed by clerk. possession only. Attorney filed evictions available in select locations only

[ Fill, File, Serve ]


Stop those endless trips to the courthouse and give yourself an ADVANTAGE. We have the clerk and bar approved forms you need to file your Florida small claim, divorce, petition to modify, name change, or other legal document. We provide the forms, fill them out with your info, file them, and serve for low flat rates. Our mobile notaries and couriers come to your location* for signature and payment. We even provide the default/final judgement paperwork

We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. You should speak with an attorney before initiating any legal action. Additional fees for skip tracing, additional address, or *service outside the local service area

[ Collections ]


You've gotten your what? We have the Writ of Garnishment, Continuing Writ of Garnishment, Writ of Execution, Claim of Lien, Levy, or other legal forms you need. We fill them out, file them, and serve your debtor for competitive contingencies plus fees and expenses. All courier and compliance, such as notice and mail service, are included. And we have the knowledge and expertise to perform an asset search to locate the assets you want to collect. We can even take assignment of your judgment on only pay if we collect! You should always speak with an attorney due to the complexity involved and limitations to collection methods


We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. We can only provide documents and fill them out according to your instructions.  We are not "debt collectors" or "collection agents" and do not negotiate on your behalf. We only file and serve legal documents on request. 

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[ Notary/ Courier ]


Our mobile notaries come to your location on your schedule. Fees are based on millage and number of signatures. Contact us today for a free quote. 

We offer immediate and rush (next business day) courier and document retrieval services.. We are experts in locating documents, evidence, and police reports.

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