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NAPPS members

receive special pricing and consideration, no upfront fee!

Same great service

Our standard level of diligence includes running tags, interviews with neighbors, social media and simple data searches. We do what it takes to get your paper served and make you look good!

We also feature live GPS server tracking and real time status updates from the driveway on every attempt for select address in Palm Beach and Northern Broward County. This feature is not available in Western Palm Beach or Central or Southern Broward County or on our promoted frequent service locations below, as these jobs may be assigned to servers without vehicle tracking.


Special discounts, same/next day service for frequently served agents

We offer prices too low to advertise and offer same or next day service to our frequently served registered agents and organizations including CT Corp/NRAI, Ocwen, Corporate Creations (new agent for Publix), InCorp, Nextera/FPL, and more!  

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