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 Our Services 

We serve the papers no one else can, faster. Private Process Servers have the resources to devote personal attention to your case that you won't find with Sheriff's Offices. We are able to serve your paper faster too: usually within 2-4 business days. We go the extra mile through neighbor interviews and running license plates to get your paper served at competitive flat rates. We offer $99  skip tracing/locates if you cannot locate the person/company to be served.

We have a number of services available to the general public as well. See each service page in the drop down menu for more information.

  • Skip Tracing/Special Locate: We can find the person you are looking for anywhere in the United States for $99

  • Fill, File, Serve: We provide the clerk or bar approved legal forms, fill them out with the information you provide, come to you for notarized signature**, file the paperwork with the clerk, serve your tenant, file the return of service, and fill out the default paperwork/proposed final judgement all for one low flat rate of $100+service of process and court costs. We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice or appear in court for you.

  • Collections: We offer flat rate asset searches and fill, file, serve for Garnishments, Levys, Executions, and other documents to help you collect on your judgement.

You should speak with a licensed attorney before initiating any legal action. Litigation and collections are complex and can have serious impacts on your life. We are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. We can only complete requests as directed. We are not responsible for improper procedure or case outcome. No refunds are provided on service fees if you cancel a request. We are not "private investigators" or "collection agents", we can only complete service requests as they relate to the filing and service of legal process.

*no find no fee "special locates" are database search only. More advanced skip tracing is available for hourly fees. Service of Process is not included and fees vary by location. We do our best to confirm addresses outside of our service area, but you are responsible for all process server fees regardless of the outcome. You must have valid legal process to request this service.

**locations outside Broward and Palm Beach counties incur courier charge

[ Service of Process / Skip Tracing / Legal Document Prep and Filing / Collections Service ]


Property Owners/Managers


We offer full service evictions for $150 plus court costs and service of process* within Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. Evictions are attorney filed in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. We take care of everything from the three day notice to the Writ of Possession. In just one 250 unit complex we were able to reduce late fees by 20%. When you give yourself an ADVANTAGE, your tenants know you are serious about protecting your investment. So get out of line and on with your business with Advantage PI.

Once your trouble tenants are gone you can continue to protect your investment with our FCRA compliant tenant screenings. We have several packages available. Contact your landlord/tenant specialist today to help build a customized plan to increase the cash flow from your investment.

non-attorneys cannot provide legal advice. Attorney is available for private consultation and retainer.

*if attorney must defend eviction by appearance, filing motions, negotiating stipulation, or any other service, additional fees starting at $250 to the attorney apply.

[ Attorney Filed Evictions / Landlord & Tenant / FCRA Compliant Screening / Background Checks ]


Law Firms/Attorneys


Our clients rely on Advantage PI to provide them the best in litigation support. We are more than just process servers and couriers, we are an invaluable resource for our clients. We are available for no charge consultation on a variety of issues ranging from efile to clerk policies and procedures around the country and around the world.

We offer worldwide service of process, Rush and Immediate courier service, Document and records retrieval, and $99 No find/No fee skip tracing.

[ Worldwide Service of Process / $99 NO FIND/NO FEE skip tracing / Document Retrival ]


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